International Competition

International competition honors seven exceptional documentary films. Some of them have only started their journey through the festival circles, others have not yet received the full-scale attention, that they really deserve. But one thing is certain – the Jury of “Inconvenient Films” will have tough job deciding.


2013 - Russia - Alina Rudnitskaya

Don't Leave Me

2013 - The Netherlands - Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden

Killing Time

2013 - The Netherlands - Jaap van Hoewijk

Last Stop

2014 - Israel - Julie Shles

Rich Hill

2014 - USA - Tracy Droz Tragos and Andrew Droz Palermo

The Great Night

2013 - Czech Republic - Petr Hátle

The Laundry Room

2013 - Switzerland, France - Floriane Devigne and Fred Florey


This section of the festival program highlights documentaries, that have traveled the world extensively and won numerous awards and recognition. They significantly differ in style but each story is “inconvenient” in its own and very different way.

Master Of The Universe

2013 - Austria, Germany - Marc Bauder


2013 - India - Fahad Mustafa, Deepti Kakkar

Return To Homs

2013 - Syria, Germany - Talal Derki

Waiting For August

2014 - Belgium - Teodora Ana Mihai

We Come As Friends

2014 - France, Austria - Hubert Sauper


Half year have passed since the events in Maidan, however, outcome of the revolution is far from being clear. Despite that, there is no doubt, that revolution and the war that followed it has irreversibly changed Ukrainian society and especially, it’s new generation. The festival organisers, in cooperation with International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “Docudays UA” , are proud to present the new generation of Ukrainian filmmakers and their perspective on Ukraine. Maybe they can tell us more about the future that awaits Ukraine.


2014 - Ukraine - Valentyn Vasyanovych

Euromaidan. Rough Cut

2014 - Ukraine - Volodymyr Tykhyi, Andriy Lytvynenko, Kateryna Gornostai, Roman Bondarchuk, Yulia Gontaruk, Andrey Kiselyov, Roman Liubyi, Oleksandr Techynskyi, Oleksiy Solodunov, Dmitry Stoykov

Meat Factory

2013 - Ukraine - Piotr Armianovski


2013 - Ukraine - Polina Kelm

Above the Law

Corruption, abuse of power and justice – these are the topics that are truly welcomed at “Inconvenient Films”. The festival admires the courage of the filmmakers to address theses issues and this year dedicates a special retrospective for protagonists, who find themselves above the law.

Miners Shot Down

2014 - South Africa - Rehad Desai


2013 - Slovak Republic, Czech Republic - Robert Kirchhoff

The Irresistible Rise of Moïse Katumbi

2012 - Belgium - Thierry Michel

The Joe Show

2014 - USA - Randy Murray

The Mayor

2012 - Mexico - Emiliano Altuna, Carlos F. Rossini, Diego Osorno

Urban Stories

Program supported by:

The population living in urban areas is projected to increase to 6,3 billion by 2050. That is a chalenge the planet has not faced before. The cities will dramatically change. But is urban planning capable of adjusting to new reallity? What can be done to make cities more human-friendly? The festival organisers are thankful to KORIAI – the main sponsor of “Urban Stories”.


2012 - USA - Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady

Ecopolis China

2013 - Finland - Anna-Karin Grönroos


2013 - Germany - Markus Lenz

The Human Scale

2012 - Denmark - Andreas Møl Dalsgaard

The Pruitt Igoe Myth: an Urban History

2011 - USA - Chad Freidrichs

The Green Program: Forest

Program supported by:

Each year this permanent section of the festival places particular emphasis on certain environmental issues and takes a different angle of view on the relationship between man and nature. Forest is at the focus of “The Green Program” this year. The festival organizers are thankful to the friends of this section – a number of state forest enterprises – who joined the festival screenings with additional educational activities.

Forest of the Dancing Spirits

2013 - Congo, Sweden, Canada - Linda Västrik

Song from the Forest

2013 - Germany - Michael Obert


2014 - United Kingdom - Orlando von Einsiedel

Nordic Exposures

Thanks to the support of the festival partners – Swedish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, Icelandic Film Centre and Finish Film Foundation – the festival organisers were able to discover and present these great inconvenient Nordic films, produced in recent years.


2012 - Norway - Kari Anne Moe

Displaced Perssons

2013 - Sweden - Åsa Blanck, Johan Palmgren

Hilton!-Here for Life

2013 - Finland - Virpi Suutari

The Agreement

2013 - Denmark - Karen Stokkendal Poulsen

Vive Le France

2014 - Iceland, Sweden - Titti Johnson, Helgi Felixson

Women in Focus

Program supported by:

Traditional festival section presents four films by both established and emerging women filmmakers. Punk-rock, women activism, reproductive rights and domestic violence – different stories, told in different ways. But if there is one thing that unites these films it is the courage and strength of its protagonists. The festival organizers are thankful to the main partner of this film section – the Embassy of the United States of America in Vilnius – who have been supporting festival organizers’ efforts to talk about gender equality and women rights for a number of years.

After Tiller

2013 - USA - Martha Shane, Lana Wilson

Private Violence

2014 - USA - Cynthia Hill

The Punk Singer

2013 - USA - Sini Anderson


2014 - USA - Diana Whitten

Fighting discrimination

From far away the traditional caste system may seem mysterious and exotic. However, in reality those born as Dalits (the so called “untouchables” in the caste system) face lifelong discrimination, abuse and extreme social exclusion. Although formally abolished in most South Asian states, caste discrimination affects an estimated 260 million people worldwide. The festival organisers would like to thank Professor Leonidas Donskis – a vocal human rights activists and former Lithuanian MEP – who encouraged and supported the festival in raising this topic in this years’ programme.

Gulabi Gang

2012 - Norway - Nishtha Jain

Light fly, fly high

2013 - Norway - Susann Østigaard, Beathe Hofseth

New Lithuanian Films

One of the aims of the festival is to promote documentary films which deal with social issues. This year the festival proudly present three documentary films, made by Lithuanian filmmakers.


2014 - Lithuania - Kęstutis Gudavičius


2013 - Lithuania - Linas Mikuta

Final Destination

2013 - Lithuania - Ričardas Marcinkus

Special Screenings

Special screenings and accompanying events.

Conversations on Serious Topics

2012 - Lithuania - Giedrė Beinoriūtė

The Term

2014 - Russia, Estonia - Pavel Kostomarov, Alexander Rastorguev, Alexey Pivovarov

Ukraine Is Not A Brothel

2013 - Australia - Kitty Green

Docs for Kids

For the first time the festival presents a special short film program, dedicated o the youngest viewers of “Inconvenient Films”.

Faridullah's Day Off

2013 - Afghanistan, Denmark - Jens Pedersen

Layla’s Melody

2013 - Afghanistan, Denmark - Jens Pedersen

Love and Rubbish

2012 - Russia - Hanna Polak

Out Of This World

2014 - Sweden - Viktor Nordenskiöld

Sharukh - On the Road to Happiness

2013 - Germany - André Hörmann